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1. Bolt Talk: Open CF Summit with Kurt Wiersma

Kurt Wiersma joins me on Bolt Talks to explain the mission and purpose of the Open CF Summit.  All users of ColdFusion regardless if they use Adobe ColdFusion, Railo or OpenBD CFML engines can benefit from attending the Open CF Summit.  He also explains the "open space unconference" style of the conference as well as the HackFest that will take place.

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Tags: ColdFusion, Conference, Open Source, Kurt Wiersma, Open CF Summmit
2. Kurt Wiersma- Setting up a solid local developement Environment

Learn about how you can setup a local development environment that closely mimics your production system. In this session we will discuss how to setup a multiple instance install of ColdFusion with Apache virtual hosts along with a great combination of Eclipse plugins. Couple this setup with a test database powered by MySQL and a solid source code control system and you have a powerful development environment setup on your workstation. Finally, learn how to automate deployment with ant to make your setup consistence across all your team members' machines.

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Tags: CFunited, Kurt Wiersma, Development, Local Dev
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