Last Updated: 05/14/2012 11:20:00 AM

Fishbowl Panel at cf.Objective(2012)

Fishbowl Panel at cf.Objective 2012

Following the success of the fishbowl panel at Adobe Max 2011, I will once again host an open community discussion starting Friday May 18 at 8:00 PM at the cf.Objective Hyatt Regency.


What is a Fishbowl Discussion?


We will start out with 4 chairs in a circle (the fishbowl) , three chairs will have occupants, one will be empty.  I am the moderator I will throw out a topic and the participants in the fishbowl will discuss it.  At any time, any member of the audience can enter the discussion by sitting down in the empty chair.  When all four chairs are occupied one of the other 3 members must get up, so that there is a free chair.  This way we have a rotating panel of participants.



What topics will the Fishbowl Cover?

At Adobe Max 2011 we only had one topic: "Best practices of the modern ColdFusion developer."  This year we will have mutliple topics.  After 15 minutes of discussion, I can stop the conversation and start a new topic. Here are some topcis I am mulling over:


  • ColdFusion 10: How significant of an upgrade is it?
  • Javascript: Is Client side making the backend irrelevant? 
  • HTML5: Game Changer or Buzz Word?
  • Mobile Development: How is it changing the way your work?


I am certainly open to any ideas you may have, please post them in the comments. I look forward to a spirited conversation!