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1. Making Legacy Code Testable - Emily Christiansen

Better design. Ease of adding new Features. Knowing about defects before you check in. All of these are promised by unit testing and test-driven design. At conferences we are presented with software that has been designed with testing in mind. Testing always looks so easy with these examples. What about legacy code? How do we test that? Just because software wasn’t initially designed for unit testing doesn’t mean it can never be testable. It is simply a matter of refactoring that mass of untestable code into smaller, testable modules. In this presentation I will cover some strategies for taking legacy code from spaghetti code to testable code. I will also provide examples to illustrate these concepts. This will not be a talk about setting up MXUnit, instead it will cover making existing, problematic code work with MXUnit to achieve greater stability and peace of mind. After attending this presentation developers saddled with legacy code will be able to reap the benefits of automated unit testing. - Emily Christiansen

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