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cf.Objective(2012) Review

cf.Objective(2012) Review

So I have had a week to process cf.Objective(2012) and even after a week of work, I am still left with a feeling of exuberance about the future of web development and ColdFusion.



Content as usual was excellent. ?Many of the old familiars were there offering their expected level of awesome, such as Elliot Sprehn, Marc Esher, Mark Mandel, Rob Brooks-Bilson, Charlie Arehart et al.


Production Ready Javascript by Elliot Sprehn. ?Elliot with his background in CF with Terratech and now with his in the trenches experience working at Google, always is able to open your eyes to new ideas that you ?perhaps have never considered before. ?He explained all the techniques that Google uses to ensure that their services are responsive. ?Honestly many of the techniques are probably not needed by most web developers with smaller apps. ?The exception being his section on instrumentation and logging all the users actions so you can know how your users actually use your software. ?He had some great tips on how to achieve that.

Concurrency Zen by Marc Esher. ?This for me was my favorite session of the entire conference, because I am facing these issues now. ?A few months back I reached out to Marc with an issue and he previewed this presentation to me. ?His treatment of the topic reveals that he has a degree in Education. ?Marc does more than present. ?He teaches. ?I learned even more on the topic of running concurrent processes and was pleased to see him release his project on riaforge:?

Adam Tuttle's sessions on Browser Tools & REST where both excellent, chrome has some many amazing browser tools, I really need to learn all the key strokes. ?His REST topic covered all the different methods of doing ?REST: Native CF 10, Taffy, Mach II, PowerNap & ColdBox. It was nice to see all the different methods available to do RESTful services.

Keynote. Keynotes are typically fluff & stuff. This one wasn't much different. ?Adobe Project Manager for ColdFusion Rakshith, reviewed the new CF 10 release, disclosed that users can get soon get ColdFusion Enterprise on an Amazon Machine Instance for $60 - $80 a month. ?He also disclosed that Adobe is already working on the next version of ColdFusion. ?The best part of the whole keynote was the ColdFusion 10 Video that had some very handsome dudes expressing their love for ColdFusion.

Lightning Talks were great fun, I unfortunately had to go first and half the audience missed my humorous history of beer. ?

Fishbowl, I hosted a Fishbowl talk like I did at Adobe MAX backing September, there were loads of people there, I think I had the highest attended BOF. ?The free BrewFather Beer helped I am sure. ?But there were some great discussions about CF10, HTML5, Mobile & Client side tech. ?One thing about our community we are never short on opinions!

It was fantastic catching up with my peers & swapping war stories, l look forward to next year!