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1. Jason Dean - Ajax Security

In classic  pop-art style Jason Dean gives us an excellent primer on Ajax Security.

With the introduction of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) over the last several years, it seems that everyone is jumping on the RIA bandwagon. But is any thought being given to what might need to be done to ensure that our Web 2.0 applications are secure? Or are they are not introducing new vulnerabilities into existing applications? In this presentation, we will look at some of the security issues that can arise from introducing Ajax into your applications and about how to mitigate the risks of opening up remote services for Ajax.

+1 to those who can tell who the Club owner photo is.

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Tags: CFUnited, Jason Dean, AJAX, Security
2. Pete Freitag - Writing Secure CFML

Ask any hacker and they will tell you not to go to this presentation. They want nothing more than for you to continue coding away blissfully unaware of the vulnerabilities that they will use to steal the data and identity of you, your customers and coworkers. The truth is web application vulnerabilities are much easier to exploit than a buffer overflow, or cryptographic weakness. We'll cover several common yet dangerous vulnerabilities, and offer tips and tricks to protect your applications from these vulnerabilities.

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Tags: CFUnited, Pete Freitag, Security
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