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1. Charlie Arehart Keynote: CFCommunity - You're Never Alone

Charlie Arehart channels Johnny Carson, as he becomes the King of the talk show.  Employing help from Ray, Ben, Dan and others he promotes a simple message: "You are not alone"

One of the hallmarks of the ColdFusion community has long been the way it's banded together. People helping people: sharing knowledge, solving problems, giving away code, pointing to resources, making recommendations, and so much more.....

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Tags: CFUnited, Charlie Arehart, Keynote, Community, Resources
2. Opening Keynote

The opening keynote for the final official CFUnited.  Featuring: Josh Adams, Michael Smith, Adam Lehman, Terrence Ryan and Rupesh Kumar.

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Tags: CFUnited, Adam Lehman, Rupesh Kumar, Keynote, Silver Age, Comics
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