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1. ColdFusion as a Service: how to extend 'THE AWESOME'

 Matt Gifford (aka Coldfumonkeh) in his first visit stateside, delivers an energetic demo on how to use Coldfusion as a service.  The services are already there just waiting to be used by your Flex, Air, and Lord forbid: "PHP" developers. He is also the author of the book: "Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion"  I highly recommend this book if you are endeavoring to train ColdFusion developers new to the concepts of OO design.

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Tags: Coldfumonkeh, Matt Gifford, AdobeMax, Unconference
2. CFBuilder "Storm" Sneek Peek

The sneak peek of CF Builder was by far the coolest thing at Max.  Ram Kulkarni (Adobe)  gave us a preview of all the new features and fixes in the next release of CF Builder (code named: STORM)  I could tell Ray Camden was very interested as he stopped loitering around the conference table and jumped on the front row with his borrowed laptop to blog it in real time..

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Tags: CFBuilder, AdobeMax, Unconference
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