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I need you as a panelist at my Max UnConference presentation!

I need you as a panelist at my Max UnConference presentation!


It is that time of year that Adobe rolls out the dog and pony show.  Adobe Max is always a huge mix of learning, sales pitch, networking & party.  I won't be recording many videos this year. The layout of the Unconference tent, makes getting good sound difficult.  I will however be moderating a "Fish Bowl" panel. It was an idea that I proposed to the Trinity: Ray, Scott & Ezra. They liked it and blessed it.

 Vicky Ryder (@fuzie) has been an invaluable help, she through her CodeBass Radio Franchise has been promoting it and behind the scenes working tirelessly.  Codebass Radio will be broadcasting it and best of all Vicky got the venerable Ben Forta to agree to be a participant on the panel!!

I hope that the ColdFusion community will come out in force to join in the discussion.  


Topic: The Best Practices Of A Modern ColdFusion Developer
This is a rapid-fire panel discussion in the format of a Fishbowl Conversation.

Here’s how it works!

There will be 5 seats on the panel.

  • One seat will be permanently occupied by special guest, Ben Forta (@benForta) !
  • Two seats will initially be occupied by our starting panelists, Matt Gifford (@coldfuMonkeh) and Elliott Sprehn (@elliottz).
  • Two seats will be unoccupied to start.

1. Your moderator, Tim Cunningham, introduces the topic and the discussion begins!

2. Any member of the audience can, at any time, join the discussion by occupying an empty chair. When this happens, an existing member of the panel must voluntarily exit in order to ensure there is one empty chair available.

3. The discussion continues with participants frequently entering and leaving the fishbowl. When time runs out, the fishbowl is closed and the moderator summarizes the discussion.

BoltTalks Live will be held in the ColdFusion Unconference area inside the Community Pavilion at 4pm on Tuesday, October 4.

If you aren’t able to attend Adobe MAX 2011, listen live via CodeBass Radio!