Last Updated: 08/10/2010 12:41:00 PM

Adding a Network Printer in Windows 7 Manually

Adding a  Network Printer in Windows 7 Manually
Many of the old printers are not directly supported, but our office is not about to go buy 5 new printers because of upgrading to a new OS.  Fortunately there is a work around.  These steps worked for me, on our HP LaserJet.  I can not guarantee that it works for everyone.
In Windows 7
From your start bar type: Add Printer and it should find the Add Printer wizard for you.

Choose to add a Local Printer (DO NOT choose to add a Network Printer!) I know that is backward, but that is the work around.

Click the "Create a new port" radio button and choose Standard TCP/IP Port

You are going to need to know the printer IP. Finding this is tricky. Sometimes you can use the printer name, but I have had better luck using the IP.  The printer should be able to tell you what it's IP is, mine was 7 menu's under the I/O menu.  Once you know the IP for the printer go to the next step.

Type in the IP address, and you can give a friendly Port Name if you wish.

The wizard will do it's thing to talk to your printer, if it  finds it you can then Name the printer. This is the name that shows up in your printer dialog.

Now print a test page, you should be golden!