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Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week

Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week

Thanks to Adam Lehman ( for pulling some strings and Simon Free ( for collecting the speakers, ColdFusion got it's own Adobe Developer Week.  Click here for a list of topics and to register.


I finished my introductory topic on "Working with PDFs made easy with ColdFusion"  it was extremely well attended and I had lots of good questions.  Some of which I must remember to research the answers to.

  • Can ColdFusion create PDFs that are handicap accessible by screen readers?
  • Can you insert a SWF file into a PDF with ColdFusion?


My PDF Slides/Code

The code and slides, as well as my Open Source Project to convert all the jave code samples into ColdFusion from  the book "IText in Action - 2nd Edition" are available SLIDES HERE


Recording of my PDF presenation (9/12/2011)

Recording of the presentation: Here (Yes you will need to create a log-in to view it)

Here is a rundown on the CF Developer Week events

Getting Started with Web Application Development Using ColdFusion
Monday 10AM PDT

Working with PDFs Made Easy with ColdFusion
Monday  1PM PDT

Introduction to ColdFusion Components (CFCs)
Monday  4PM PDT

Improve Your ColdFusion Code Through Unit Testing
Tuesday  10AM PDT

Using ColdFusion Frameworks for Application Development
Tuesday  1PM PDT

Understanding and Using the ColdFusion Server Monitor
Tuesday  4PM PDT

ColdFusion Builder: The Professional IDE to Boost Your Productivity
Wednesday  10AM PDT

Expand Functionality with ColdFusion Builder Extensions
Wednesday  1PM PDT

Developing Your First Application Using ColdFusion 9 and ORM
Thursday  10AM PDT

Speed Up Your Apps with Caching in ColdFusion
Thursday  11:30AM PDT

ColdFusion and Mobile - Browser-Based Applications Made Easy
Thursday  1PM PDT

Become ColdFusion Empowered in Under an Hour
Thursday  4PM PDT

Accessing ColdFusion Services From Flex Applications
Friday  10AM PDT

Securing your ColdFusion Applications
Friday  11:30AM PDT

Make Your Site Searchable with Solr
Friday  1PM PDT

Bringing ColdFusion to Java SpringMVC
Friday  4PM PDT