Last Updated: 03/09/2011 09:15:00 AM

GIT: Using a different comparison tool.

GIT: Using a different comparison tool.

By default Git use VIMDiff when it is showing you the difference between two version of something.  I soooo don't love VIM tools, with all those crazy shortcuts that I can't seem to memorize.  People who do use VIM and VIMDiff a lot tend to be very proficient and quick at it, I however am not one of those people.

I have used examdiff pro for years, also have been impressed with Beyond Compare 3.  On the BC3 website they had some of the simplest instructions I have seen about how to do this.  I converted their instructions to work with examdiff pro here is screen shot:


That second command is a bit tortured because you must escape the dollar sign and quotations marks using the \ Note your path to examdiff or Beyond compare may different. Also note there two quotation marks at the end.   The last command is optional, is supresses the prompt asking you if you want to open your diff tool.


So now when I do a compare between two different version of a file, I get my good friend exam diff pro: