Last Updated: 06/23/2011 10:10:00 AM

Increase CFBuilder performance

Increase CFBuilder performance

You can get an improvement in performance by playing with the java memory settings for ColdFusion builder. 


The file is CFBuilder.ini which is found the root folder of  the ColdFusion Builder install.  ("C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2" on my laptop)


I increased these lines:


-Xmx from -Xmx512m to -Xmx1024m

-XX:MaxPermSize=256m  to -XX:MaxPermSize=512m


Raising the max memory, -Xmx, higher could cause the 32bit JVM not start up.


Steven Nieland had tweeted that he gotten performance gains from increasing his config.ini for Eclipse,  so I figured it would work for Builder as well. Thanks Steven!