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1. Videos

CFUnited 2009, Lansdowne VA: I recorded a few of the presentations using my External Web cam.  The quality is not nearly as good as the 2010 videos, but they are watchable.  Talks by: Ray Camden, Charlie Arehart, the CFBuilder Team, and Coldfusion Engineering Team.

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Tags: CFUnited, Charlie Arehart, Ray Camden, Jedi, JQuery, CF911, CFBuilder, Exchange, Sharepoint, Office, LDAP
2. Gary Gilbert- Architecting for the Enterprise

There are a lot of different aspects to consider when architecting and developing applications for the Enterprise. In this session we will explore some of the enterprise features built into CONTENS CMS and how it solved specific challenges we faced with our partners and their customers.

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Tags: CFUnited, Contens, Gary Gilbert, Enterprise
3. Kurt Wiersma- Setting up a solid local developement Environment

Learn about how you can setup a local development environment that closely mimics your production system. In this session we will discuss how to setup a multiple instance install of ColdFusion with Apache virtual hosts along with a great combination of Eclipse plugins. Couple this setup with a test database powered by MySQL and a solid source code control system and you have a powerful development environment setup on your workstation. Finally, learn how to automate deployment with ant to make your setup consistence across all your team members' machines.

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Tags: CFunited, Kurt Wiersma, Development, Local Dev
4. Simon Free - ColdFusion Builder Extensions, making your IDE work for you!

Simon Free is a funny, funny man - he could read the phone book and crack me up.  Fortunately he drops some Coldfusion Builder Extension knowledge on us. With the introduction of ColdFusion builder, more control of the IDE is being given to the developers. No longer are we tied down to pre packaged functionality but with the use of ColdFusion Builder Extensions we can now expand our IDE to do what we need it to do. In this session we will review everything you need to know about extensions and will go through the process of creating and packaging one. By the end of the session you will no longer be grumbling about the lack of functionality you have access to, instead you will be adding everything you need.

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Tags: CFunited, Simon Free, CFBuilder, Extensions, IDE
5. Charlie Arehart Keynote: CFCommunity - You're Never Alone

Charlie Arehart channels Johnny Carson, as he becomes the King of the talk show.  Employing help from Ray, Ben, Dan and others he promotes a simple message: "You are not alone"

One of the hallmarks of the ColdFusion community has long been the way it's banded together. People helping people: sharing knowledge, solving problems, giving away code, pointing to resources, making recommendations, and so much more.....

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Tags: CFUnited, Charlie Arehart, Keynote, Community, Resources
6. Josh Adams - Easy RIA with Coldfusion 9 and Flex 4

Adobe Senior Solutions Engineer, Josh Adams rocks the head microphone while extolling the virtues of learning Flex.  Good starting point if you want to know what all the flex mumbo jumbo is all about.

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Tags: CFunited, Josh Adams, Flex, RIA
7. Aaron West - New Caching Features in Coldfusion 9

Aaron West explores new caching strategies introduced with Ehcache in ColdFusion 9. He walks through the use of new granular caching mechanisms including changes to as well as new caching functions, caching objects and data, page fragment caching, and finally disk and memory caching.  Presentation materials (slides and code) can be found on Aaron's blog:

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Tags: CFUnited, Aaron West, Ehcache, CF9, Caching
8. Christian Ready - HTML5 The cool, the really cool and the "huh?"

Christian Ready explains why we don't need to wait until 2020 to start using HTML5.

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Tags: CFUnited, Christian Ready, HTML5
9. Opening Keynote

The opening keynote for the final official CFUnited.  Featuring: Josh Adams, Michael Smith, Adam Lehman, Terrence Ryan and Rupesh Kumar.

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Tags: CFUnited, Adam Lehman, Rupesh Kumar, Keynote, Silver Age, Comics
10. Elliott Sprehn- Scalable and Creative Algorithms

Vunderkind, Elliott Sprehn teaches you that even if you are as smart as him (doubtful) you should trust the ColdFusion Library to help you do you work in a creative and scalable way.

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Tags: CFUnited, Elliot Sprehn, Google, Algorithm, Scalable
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