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1. Michael Evangelista,Me
Tags: Michael Evangelista, Tim Cunningham
2. Vicky Ryder,Michael Evangelista,Me
Tags: Vicky Ryder, Michael Evangelista, Tim Cunningham
3. Song- The Day CFUnited Died

When I heard that this would be the last CFUnited promoted by Michael Smith and Terratech,  I knew I had to do something special.  My new friend Michael Evangelista has a band out in Utah that does some awesome music.  The song American Pie by Don McLean sprang to mind, it is long rambling, has great chorus that everbody knows.  Once I came up with the chorus Michael and I collaborated on all the versus via twitter.  It seem to go over pretty well and taken in the good natured humor that it was intended.

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Tags: CFUnited, Song, Tim Cunningham, Michael Evangelista, CFMicup
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