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1. Refactoring a Legacy Application to an MVC Framework - Ezra Parker


"For anyone who has ever wanted to refactor a page-based ColdFusion application that uses individual .cfm files into a model-view-controller architecture (or has been given a mandate to do so), this is the session for you! We will take an incremental approach, demonstrating how to logically break the task down into manageable steps, and using best practices for separating business logic from the presentation layer.

Model-Glue will be used as the example framework, but the principles learned can easily be applied to any of the popular ColdFusion MVC frameworks (e.g., ColdBox, Framework One, Fusebox, Mach-II). Detailed, commented code samples will be available in order to allow attendees to follow along during the session, or to use for reference afterwards." - Ezra Parker

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Tags: CFObjective, Ezra Parker, Refactor, MVC
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