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1. No nonsense RESTful ColdFusion Web Services, with Taffy - Adam Tuttle

"SOAP is a lie: It's not simple, it's not object-oriented, and it's not a protocol; all it does is give you access to things. On the other hand, REST, put simply, is everything that SOAP wishes it were. Unfortunately Macromedia bet on the wrong horse, and it's dead simple to create SOAP services in ColdFusion; but implementing REST is more painful than finding clorox wipes where the toilet paper should be. Taffy, a framework for building REST in ColdFusion, is unobtrusive, blazingly fast, and ultra-lightweight. It relies primarily on convention over configuration, and where configuration is necessary, it is kept to a minimum using code metadata. This session will explain the core concepts of REST in a way that even a total newbie can understand, and show you how to create simple CFCs that expose your data RESTfully." - Adam Tuttle

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